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Why Nano

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Need Better Bio-Availability?

Do traditional oral supplements have near 100% bio-availability? Of course, they don’t.

Single or low double-digit percentage points of bio-availability is a common issue that has reached a level of general acceptance in the supplement industry.

The Problem

The bio-availability of your common supplements is no different from your competition.

When the end result of non-nano supplements is the same regardless of who sells it to the customer, you then have to compete on things such as price point or shelf life. In the end, you’re not trying to sell a better product, you’re trying to sell a better message to the customer in a hope that it resonates with them, giving you a unique strategic advantage.

The problem with average supplements
nano supplement near 100 percent bioavailability

The Solution

Here is your strategic advantage, a supplement delivery system with near 100% bio-availability for your most common supplements.

Nano9’s proprietary formulas and laboratory processes produce nano-sized pharmaceutical-grade supplements in suspension. Biotin Collagen the size of one billionth of a meter (100,000 times smaller than the width of a human hair) is such an effective delivery system, that nearly 100 percent of a dose is absorbed instantly.

Near 100 Percent Bio-Availability

What makes Nano supplements so special is they aren’t digested in a regular way, they are absorbed through all tissue membranes. Unlike regular food that has to be broken down, these are ready to go because they are already in the smallest possible size, a nanometer size. The beauty of this size is they are not stopped by the regular digestive processes and even cell walls.

Because of this, the bio-availability is close to 100%.

millions of nano molecules

Grab a larger market share by going small. Nano9, the science of small.

With nano supplements from Nano9, you can offer your customers near 100% bio-availability for your most common supplements. Click the link below to try Nano9 premium supplements.