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Why Nano

Traditional Supplements vs. Nano Supplements

Traditional supplement manufacturers all suffer from the same problem, poor bioavailability. If the nutrient isn’t in nanosuspension, the result is that most of the ingested nutrient passes through your body, never to be absorbed. Nano supplements have near-instant absorption. In fact, most of the serving size is absorbed before it reaches the digestive system.

The Nano9 Solution

Nano9 is a white-label manufacturer that specializes in nano supplement technology. Our exclusive nanotechnology reduces nutrients to such an incredibly small size (one-billionth of a meter) that they are now held in nanosuspension. Nutrients that are difficult for your body to assimilate now have near-instant bioavailability.

Grab a larger market share by going small. Nano9, the science of small.

With nano supplements from Nano9, you can offer your customers near 100% bio-availability for your most common supplements. Click the link below to try Nano9 premium supplements.