Dietary Supplement Research and Development Solutions

Research and Development

Breaking Boundaries: Innovations in Research and Development

At the heart of our r&d journey lies a profound commitment to making a difference. We recognize that the products we help create have the power to shape lives, drive progress, and define industries. Guided by this awareness, we meticulously scrutinize every detail, leveraging nanotechnology’s finesse to unlock new horizons of efficacy, safety, and impact.

Whether you are a visionary entrepreneur or an established industry player, nano 9 invites you to join us in this exciting journey of transformation. Let’s collaborate, innovate, and create products that not only meet the demands of today but also shape the landscape of tomorrow. Together, we’ll bridge the gap between imagination and reality, elevating your ideas into products that leave an indelible mark on the world.

Chief Science Officer

Our Chief Science Officer Zoraida P. Aguilar, PhD, MSc has her PHD in Analytical Chemistry and focused on NanoTechnology. She has published a book on Medical Applications of Nanomaterials with Elsevier, one of the top three publishers worldwide in the Sciences and Medicine. She has worked in biotechnology and nanotechnology (in medical diagnostics and clinical research) in the last 21 years and in the last 8 of those years, she also worked in the nutraceutical industries leveraging her nanotechnology expertise.

Research And Development

At nano 9, we transcend the role of a mere contract manufacturer by delving into the realm of nanotechnology, where innovation converges with life-altering products. Our commitment extends beyond conventional boundaries; we are dedicated to revolutionizing industries with transformative solutions. Whether you bring forth a brilliant formula idea or seek collaboration in formulating one, we stand ready to embark on a journey of innovation together.

Central to our approach is our exceptional research and development (r&d) team, an assembly of visionary minds dedicated to realizing the potential of your ideas. Fueled by a passion for pushing boundaries, our r&d team thrives on challenges, translating concepts into tangible breakthroughs. With their unparalleled expertise and cutting-edge resources, they meticulously craft, refine, and optimize formulas, ensuring that every product is a testament to ingenuity and quality.