Nanoemulsions Technology – Nano9

Nano9 Technology

Unrivalled results in uniform nanoemulsions

The Ingredients enter the system via the inlet reservoir and are pulled into a constant pressure pumping system which pushes the material through a fixed geometry Interaction Chamber at up to 30,000psi (2068 bar) where it experiences consistent, high shear rates and impact forces. All material receives the same treatment to achieve consistent, reliable results. After passing through the Interaction Chamber, the product is effectively temperature-controlled and collected.

The combination of the constant pressure pumping system and exclusive fixed-geometry Interaction Chamber is what makes our Processing System superior and enables our customers to achieve unparalleled success with their products.

Our processor is precision-engineered high-pressure homogenizers for creating nanoemulsions, uniform particle size reduction, deagglomeration and cell disruption. Our technology delivers outstanding results with the highest shear rates, smallest particle size reduction, tight particle size distributions and highly efficient rupture rates with fewer passes.

No other high-pressure processor is capable of generating the shear levels routinely achieved

high-pressure processor

A high-pressure processor delivering the highest shear rates

As shown in the shear rate and particle size distribution charts below our Processing System consistently generates significantly higher shear rates than other methods and more uniform particle size reduction. By precisely controlling the level of shear applied, we are able to process shear-sensitive materials and high-pressure applications. More efficient reduction of particles to the nano level allows customers to use less energy to achieve particle size results that are, on average, half the size of even the most effective homogenizer outputs.

Uniform Particle Size Distribution

Creating tiny particles is one step. A crucial second factor, often overlooked by manufacturers of other particle size reduction equipment, is generating a uniform particle size distribution in the process.This is where  our Processing System has proven its value in thousands of  applications over the years: producing the most narrow particle size distribution results possible. Naturally, this yields greater stability, longer shelf life, more efficient use of raw materials, and significant potential savings in the filter area.

Emulsification and finished product

Within our cutting-edge facility, the mastery of producing nanoparticles is an artistry in itself but can be accessible to anyone that bought equipment. However, the true essence lies in the subsequent phase – our Nano emulsions, a facet as vital as the initial process. With over 50 years of collective experience in nutraceuticals and Nanotechnology, our Chief Scientific Officer and laboratory team stand at the helm.

As our proprietary process crafts substances into the nano realm, it’s the synergy of expertise that takes center stage. Our adept team meticulously assembles top-tier emulsions, ensuring the sustained nanoscale integrity of the final product. In this tandem of precision and proficiency, we secure not only the initial achievement of nano size but also its preservation throughout the product life cycle.