About Us

Pioneering the fusion of innovation and technology to transform the nutraceutical industry.

At Nano9, our mission is to redefine the world of nutraceuticals with the cutting-edge precision of nanotechnology. We believe that breakthroughs in health and wellness are not just about what we make, but how we make it. Our journey is fueled by the vision to elevate your contract manufacturing experience to unparalleled heights.

In a world that is awakening to the indispensable need for a healthier, more efficient approach to well-being, you understand that change is imperative. You are here because you know that the path to that future is paved with nanotechnology. Nano9 is rooted in the belief that the answers to today’s health challenges lie within the synergy of nanotechnology and the natural potency of plants.

From our inception, we’ve acknowledged a critical issue at the core of the nutraceutical industry: absorption. Statistics indicate that 55% of supplements never effectively reach the cells, and among those that do, absorption rates hover between a meager 5-35%. We are determined to address this, ensuring that the potential locked within each supplement is fully realized.

The essence of Nano9 is our profound commitment to making a difference. We recognize that the products we help bring to life are more than just commodities; they have the power to transform lives, spur progress, and redefine entire industries. With this consciousness, we delve into the minutiae, harnessing the delicate power of nanotechnology to open up new realms of efficacy, safety, and impact.

With a legacy of combined knowledge spanning over 50 years in nutraceutical expertise and a trailblazing 12 years at the forefront of nanotechnology, including its application in pharmaceuticals and clinical studies, we bring a wealth of knowledge and a history of excellence. We’ve witnessed the industry’s evolution, and we’ve been instrumental in its growth.

Nutraceuticals are destined to be more than what they have been perceived to be—they are meant to be powerhouses of health and vitality. At Nano9, we are the catalysts in this transformative journey. Join us as we turn this vision into a reality, ensuring that nutraceuticals achieve what they were always meant to achieve. Together with Nano9, step into a new era where every product is not just made, but engineered to empower.